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North Country Organic Foods

5 Reasons Eating Healthy Snacks Can Help You Lose Over 100 Pounds

When we hear about weight loss plans, we tend to think about meals comprised of high vegetable and fruit content, and low fat and carb content. We don’t really think about the impact and performance of focusing on snacks – our favorite little treats in-between meals.

I am here to tell you through organic and healthy snacking, I was able to lose 100 pounds. I am determined to share this weight loss hack with as many people as possible, which is why I am

going to briefly touch on the power of organic snacks below:

1. Overeating Prevention:

When we get really hungry, we start to lose focus, conversational ability, and energy. As a result, we immediately devour whatever ends up on our plate. We have no self control. With healthy snacking, we are able to monitor hunger levels throughout the day, never reaching the point of no return when we lose all self control.

2. Metabolic Activity:

When we eat food, our metabolism kicks in to drive. Its job is to work through the nutrients we have provided it, breaking them down into valuable proteins and hormones. As we snack throughout the day, we are feeding our metabolisms every few hours, ensuring that they keep churning along. The faster they churn, the more fat we


3. Consistent Nutrients:

In order to stay alert and energetic throughout the day, we need the proper fuel to make it happen. As long as you snack on nutritious snacks, this snacking will help you stay alert and awake. With more energy, you’ll be inclined to do even more, burning fat

and calories as you maintain a newly fast-paced schedule.

4. Better Mood:

Studies have shown that nutrients have a direct impact on our brains, proven to work as antidepressants while maintaining stable blood sugar. Foods rich in vitamins and minerals actually improve our mood and overall levels of happiness, which in turn can translate into inspiration and motivation. In many cases, this motivation will encourage

you to hit the gym.

5. Lower Caloric Intake:

Nearly 1 in 5 Americans die as a result of obesity today. It’s an epidemic, and it’s

something that should be taken seriously. Organic snacks and healthy snacks rely on natural fats for their composition. Natural fats, like omega-3 and nuts, provide your body with energy and fuel in a way that saturated fats do not. Comprised of a lower amount of sugar, these clean eating snack alternatives result in a lower caloric intake.

North Country Organic Foods

Here at North Country, we design and provide completely organic, FDA-certified healthy snacks that will help you regular your mood, boost your energy, lower your fat intake, spike your

metabolic breakdown, and prevent overeating at meal times. As a result, for me, I was able to lose over 100 pounds – I never thought it was possible. Consider adding our organic nut clusters, organic crunches, GO powders, protein blends, and more to your snacking regime


Brian Mills 

North Country Organic Foods