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Five Habits That Will Make January Better

January can be a difficult time. It’s often a big letdown after the holidays. The weather gets worse, there are no more twinkle lights, and everyone is talking about how they need to lose the weight they gained over the holidays. But January doesn’t have to be bleak. You can make it fun and healthy with a little planning. 

Here are five habits that will make January better. 

1. Ditch the Alcohol- Alcohol is very popular over the holidays. It’s fun to celebrate and can be also used to help you get through stressful family gatherings or awkward work parties. However, now that the holidays are over, it’s time to stop drinking so much. Alcohol doesn’t have any health benefits. In fact, it can actively hurt your body and lead to depression. So, put the alcohol away and focus on other things. 

2. Try Something New- Instead of getting bogged down by new year’s resolutions, pick one new thing to do or try and focus on that. You’ll be much more likely to succeed when you keep it simple and straightforward. You can take a new class at your gym, try a new hobby, or learn about a new subject. It can be anything, just pick something that interests you and that you will enjoy! 

3. Focus on Healthy Eating- While this might not sound like fun, eating healthy will make you feel much better. The holidays are usually full of sugar, salt, and processed foods. While those are delicious, they shouldn’t be a regular part of your diet. Take a closer look at your eating habits and see how you can improve them. Learn how to cook some new dishes or seek out new restaurants that offer healthy options. 

4. Plan Your Weekends- If January is difficult because you miss the fun of visiting with friends and family, then make plans for each weekend. Text your friends and offer to meet for coffee, a movie, or to try a new experience. This will keep you connected to others and help fill the time during the long, cold days. Plus, having a plan will give you things to look forward to, which will help the month pass more quickly! 

5. Practice Self Care- Self-care is a popular concept right now, but it is very important. It doesn’t have to be all about face masks and skin care, either. Think about what relaxes you and focus on doing that more. Set aside time each day that is just for you. You can meditate, read, watch some Netflix, or take a nap. You may need to get creative with this one, depending on how busy you are. However, taking time for yourself will make everything else in your life go smoothly. Readjusting to your normal life after the holidays takes some time. Be patient if you feel tired, sad, or unmotivated. It’s normal after the high (and stress!) of the holidays. 

Follow these five habits to help make the transition into the real world easier. Focus on yourself, make some fun plans, try new things and eat healthily​. January will fly by and you may even enjoy yourself!